Nothing ramps up the Christmas cheer like the classic festive flavours of clementine and mulled wine. So, it was inevitable that they’d play a starring role alongside our Welsh Wind Signature Style gin in a cocktail or two. Richly spiced and bursting with deep fruity citrus, this sublime seasonal sour is Christmas in a glass.

Mulled wine and our Signature Style Gin are natural bedfellows. Both boast an exotically spiced flavour profile, with cinnamon, clove and sweet dried fruits. Whether you’re using your own homemade version or a store-bought mulled wine, the balance of spices here is key. Too much of one particular flavour (we’re looking at you, the mighty clove) can easily throw things off kilter. Obviously, it’s all down to personal taste, but a great cocktail relies on achieving the ultimate balance of flavours and intensity, so mull wisely. 

To cut through some of the headier spices, we’ve added a lively dash of fresh citrus while gently tempering their crisp tartness with a touch of sweet simple syrup. The charred clementine garnish adds a charming, slightly burnt note of caramelised orange – a perfect pairing with the soft citrus flavours we infuse in our Signature Style Gin.

50ml In The Welsh Wind Signature Style Gin 
25ml Fresh Clementine Juice
15ml Fresh Lemon Juice 
10ml Simple Syrup 
20ml Mulled Wine
Charred Clementine Garnish

Fill a cocktail shaker with ice and leave to chill for a minute or two. Add the Signature Style Gin, freshly squeezed citrus juices and simple syrup, then shake to blend. 

Put a couple of large ice cubes in your favourite rocks glass and strain the mixture from the shaker over the top. Gently pour the mulled wine onto the cocktail as a float. (Pour slow and low over the back of a bar spoon.)

Finally, garnish your sublime creation with the sweet, delicately smoky slice of charred clementine.

orange and deep red two tone cocktail in a rocks glass garnished with charred clementine against a festive backdrop of greenery

*How to make a simple syrup: add equal parts of sugar and water to a saucepan, heat and stir occasionally (but do not boil) until the sugar has all dissolved into the liquid. For a thicker consistency and extra sweetness, you can adjust the recipe and use double the amount of sugar to water. Once your syrup has cooled it's ready to use and can be stored in an airtight container in the fridge for a few weeks to a month.