Single Cask, Single Malt
Whisky from Wales

When the Welsh Whisky Distillery Company was finally liquidated in 1910,
it seemed that Welsh whisky would be no more. Yet, rising from the
ashes, Wales began to distil whisky again in the early 2000s. With the
tradition revived and developing, we’re proud and excited to be making
our contribution: enriching the Welsh whisky offering with a ‘grain to
glass’ Welsh Origin Whisky.

30L Casks

1,000 casks are available.

The perfect way to play a part in the future of Welsh whisky and the opportunity to own something truly special – a whisky produced entirely in Wales.

“Our grain never crosses the border”

In the Welsh Wind ‘Welsh Origin Whisky’ is a single malt whisky
distilled using Welsh-grown barley. Entirely processed in Wales and
distilled at In the Welsh Wind, we work with our local farmers to bring
you a uniquely Welsh whisky.

We’ve cut our teeth, learning from others and
developing our processes; understanding the grain, respecting the
traditions of whisky yet always exploring how to bring something more,
to make a real and lasting impact.

Welsh grain is a given. Grown in the fields of Wales, nurtured and
harvested by the farmers who live and breathe this land. Their support
has been invaluable as we’ve progressed our ambition for a fully Welsh
whisky. Working with our partners has given us a greater appreciation of
the agriculture that sustains us and the rhythms of the seasons.

Where we’re going the extra mile is to ensure that all the processes
that create an exceptional whisky – the drying of the grain, the
malting, the mashing, the fermentation – and of course the distillation –
take place in Wales. To secure this integrity, the Welsh heart of our
whisky, we have established the first Welsh malting house for over 100

Welsh Wind Independent Bottling Releases

While our own whisky matures, we plan a series of independent bottlings under the In the Welsh Wind label. First up, a cask of 8yr old whisky from innovative Swedish distillery Mackymyra, finished here in west Wales in a Banyuls casks.

The final profile will be confirmed on bottling, but early samples suggest caramel slice, silver birch bark and pine tar, along with the sweet rich notes of Banyuls, unpeated and stitched together with a bergamot citrus finish.

We anticipate only 300 bottles being available - a limited edition worth getting your hands on!