Single Malt Welsh Whisky

Our single malt Welsh whisky champions barley grown in Wales, locally to the distillery.

We malt in small batches on site using traditional floor malting techniques, and mash in on 'green grain' - a process we believe is unique in the UK and which preserves more of our local grain flavour in the final spirit.

Our whisky - when it's ready - will be a true expression of the area around the distillery where we live, work and play.

Become a Cask Owner

Join us on our journey and become a cask owner. Our 30 litre casks offer the opportunity to experience the thrill of cask ownership while also choosing your own cask finish. Your whisky will be personal to you.

Invest in a 200 L Cask

For those interested in longer term whisky investment, we have 200 Litre casks available of our new make spirit, ready for maturation into single malt Welsh whisky here at the distillery.

Independently Bottled Whisky

While our own whisky matures, we are using the opportunity to release limited edition independent bottlings to the market.

Our current independent bottling is Gruvguld - 'gold from the mines' - a non-age statemented Mackmyra which showcases the power of smaller casks - predominantly 30 litre casks.