As featured on The Hairy Bikers Go Local, our Welsh Cask Vinegar not only provides savoury dishes with an amazing depth, but also gives cocktails an additional layer of flavour. This Switchel cocktail features our Welsh Cask Vinegar as well as our sea spray inspired Dewi Sant Gin from our Eccentric Spirits range. Our cask-matured vinegar's fantastic depth of flavour complements Dewi Sant's coastal infusion of aromatic rich herbs, fennel and citrus notes, creating a delightfully refreshing cocktail.



Dewi Sant Gin - 25ml

Welsh Cask Vinegar - 25ml

*Honey Sage Syrup - 25ml

Sparkling Water - 50ml

Sage Leaf Garnish



Fill a rocks glass with ice and pour in the gin, vinegar, syrup and sparkling water.

Garnish with a sage leaf.


*Honey Sage Syrup:

Stir together 0.3 cup boiling water & 1 cup honey until dissolved.

Add 3 grams sage leaves and macerate for 25 minutes.

Strain, then ready to serve.


Do you want to make this serve yourself? You will need a bottle of our Welsh Cask Vinegar and Dewi Sant Gin.


We have now sold out of the first batch of Welsh Cask Vinegar. The second batch will be available online shortly!

Iechyd Da!