A rich, creamy and indulgent cocktail for grown-ups, our sophisticated Welsh Christmas Coffee is as delectable as it looks. Brimming with classic festive spices and a hearty kick of alcohol, this may just turn out to be the most requested addition to your Christmas cocktail repertoire. 

We all know the classic pairing of coffee and cream just works but the addition of our Signature Style Gin creates a uniquely delicious flavour profile. With the warming winter-spiced tones of its subtle botanicals, it imbues gentle hints of orange, cinnamon, ginger, clove and sweet, tea-soaked currants. Add the smooth, velvety mouthfeel of the cream and luxurious liqueurs and you’ve got yourself a superbly decadent party drink.

As with any cocktail, the quality of the ingredients is integral to creating the perfect serve. We’ve taken care of the gin element with our meticulous and lovingly crafted Signature spirit, but to give your Welsh Christmas Coffee the perfect pedigree, it should be paired with the finest quality coffee and cream liqueurs. 

With equal measures and a simple garnish, it’s also an easy cocktail to scale up if you have a lot of guests to impress. Of course, you can adjust the ingredients to taste (after all, personal experimentation lies at the heart of great mixology,) but we think this recipe hits the right spot.


25ml In The Welsh Wind Signature Style Gin
25ml Coffee Liqueur 
25ml Welsh Cream Liqueur 
25ml Cream 
Grated Nutmeg, Cinnamon Stick & Star Anise Garnish

Pour all the ingredients into an ice-filled cocktail shaker and blend with a lively shake. (If you like your creamy drinks particularly cold, don’t forget to pre-chill the shaker before assembling the cocktail.)

Once mixed, strain your luscious Christmas Coffee mixture into a rocks glass filled with ice. Large cubes are good here as they’ll keep your drink perfectly chilled without diluting the creaminess. 

All that’s left to do is grate a light sprinkling of aromatic nutmeg over the surface. Then simply top off the garnish with a festive cinnamon stick and fragrant star anise.

A creamy Welsh gin cocktail in a rocks glass garnished with star anise and cinnamon against a grey slate background