Feeling chilly? Our Mulled Welsh Gin and Mulled Rum, made from a spiced apple juice and a measure of either our Welsh gin or cask-aged rum is just what you need to warm yourself up after a frosty walk or to bring back the festive glow after an afternoon of Christmas shopping.
This is a super easy, Christmassy serve that has gone down a storm recently on our Distillery Open Weekend here in west Wales and got lots of love at Bar 45 in Cardigan on Fair Night. Simply infuse apple juice with some traditional spices, sweeten with honey and add a measure of your favourite Welsh gin or rum. A perfect winter warmer right there!
The beauty of the recipe is that the apple juice on its own is also delicious - so as well as being really tasty, it's a perfect solution for a group which includes younger guests, non-drinkers or designated drivers.

Mulled Welsh Gin or Rum

serves 8
*250ml Signature Style Welsh Dry Gin gin or In the Welsh Wind Cask-Aged Rum (you need 25ml or whichever spirit you're using per person)
*1 litre apple juice
*1 lemon, sliced
*1 orange, sliced
*1 star anise
*8 cloves
*3 bay leaves
*3 cinnamon sticks
*4 tsp coriander seed
*8 juniper berries, crushed
*2.5 tsp runny honey (we like to use local Welsh honey) - or to taste
*Sliced oranges and lemons for garnish
*Get a large saucepan on the stove.
*Pour in the apple juice and add all the other ingredients. If you like, you can put the botanicals in a muslin bag to keep them all together.
*Heat the pan gently until the juice is simmering (your kitchen will smell amazing).
*Take the pan off the heat and either decant the juice into a jug for serving, or use a ladle to measure out the juice into 8 glasses or mugs. We love using our In the Welsh Wind enamel mugs for serving.
*Add 25ml of your chosen spirit (Welsh gin or rum) to each glass or mug and top with a slice of lemon orange
We've found that it's OK to experiment with different spices and with the amounts you use. You can also play around with the balance of fruits you use and the amount of honey depending on your taste.