We love a happy accident here at In the Welsh Wind. It's what drew us to Palo Cortado casks when we were considering a cask-aged gin and in a different way, has led to our limited edition cask-aged rum which is currently proving very popular online and in the distillery shop. But how do you 'accidentally' produce a cask-aged rum this delicious?

If you have been following our whisky journey, you'll know that we're really interested in the added flavour and complexity that casks can bring to our new make spirit and create a single malt Welsh whisky. We've been playing around with different casks before we got properly started with our whisky though.

We introduced a cask-aged rum into the Eccentric Spirits range back in 2020 - it's proved very popular; and orange and spiced inclusion added to a white rum aged in a heavily charred American oak cask. At some point in 2020, we also filled a 200L red wine cask with a white Guyanese rum - and left it to do its thing.

Now, we're reasonably limited for space here at the distillery, and we're continually moving casks and IBCs around to make more space as we work. During these massive games of distillery Tetris, as we refer to them, the 200L cask of rum got moved to a dark corner. We effectively forgot about it as other projects came on the horizon - but that's no bad thing!

While our cask of rum was sitting in its dark corner, the liquid was taking on some incredible flavours. It's almost as if the cask knew what it was doing, and somehow managed to hide itself under a cloak of invisibility...

But enough whimsy. A few months ago, we rediscovered the cask and got a taste of the incredible flavour profile that had developed over 18 months: smooth notes of wood spice and white chocolate, lemon curd and yellow raisin. 

It's delicious sipped neat over ice, or with a splash of ginger beer - and we have a couple of incredible rum cocktails to share with you soon. The only question is have you bought your bottle? Available on the website and from the distillery shop, we are selling out fast!.