As part of our Welsh Origin Whisky project, we were keen to explore the opportunities for different cask seasonings and finishes. Our experience up in Scotland, particularly on Islay where it's possible to visit 10 distilleries all within a few miles of each other, demonstrated the wide variety of finishes that can be employed to create unique and interesting whiskies. As a result, we currently offer 10 cask seasonings for our Welsh whisky cask owners to choose from.

Our casks are shaved, toasted and re-coopered. While they have been used previously, we shave off the previous char and re-toast the inside – essentially providing a fresh surface to work with. The introduction of a ‘seasoning’ – the liquid that will provide nuances of nose and palate to your whisky, is then open to us as a distillery – and therefore to our cask owners - to choose.

As our knowledge of whisky has developed, we’ve extended our range of seasonings to 10. This offers more personalisation for you as the cask owner - the opportunity for a really special, and unique barrel.

Here’s a round up of the seasonings available.


Red Wine - deep and rich, full bodied French Burgundy is our red wine of choice for cask seasoning. The wine imparts a freshness and fruitiness to your Welsh whisky.
Sweet White Wine - a sweet dessert wine - we use a Sauternes from Bordeaux made from the Semillon grape. The end result is a Welsh whisky with a deliciously honeyed sweetness.
Dry Sherry - We use a Fino sherry seasoning to impart tangy, yeasty and almond notes to your Welsh whisky.
Sweet Sherry - A sweetened Oloroso cream sherry delivers notes of fig, chocolate, roasted nuts and spicy oak notes to your Welsh whisky.
Ruby Port - Tawny port offers an amber hue and caramelised fig flavours to your Welsh whisky.
Vintage Port – Your fresh green malt spirit is licked with wine-like sweetness from a vintage port seasoning.
Golden Rum - The choice to add tropical fruit and spicy ginger notes to your finished Welsh whisky.
Spiced Rum - Add an intriguing dimension to your cask with tropical notes and an edge of spice. 
100% Rye - Introduce spice and black bread sweetness to your Welsh whisky - choose our 100% rye whisky cask seasoning.
Tequila - The combination of fresh green malt and gently vegetal agave influence makes a tequila finish a truly interesting and modern approach.
If you're ready to become a cask owner, you can buy your cask, and choose your cask seasoning online on our website. You can make your purchase in a one off payment or select a direct debit option to pay over 10 months. You will receive a Cask Owner's Certificate and access to Cask Stories, our exclusive newsletter which offers special discounts and offers to our cask owners. Terms and conditions apply.
To discuss  a purchase in more detail, please call Joe at the distillery 01239 872300.