It turns out that Aperol isn't just for the winter. Although this orange-hued, vaguely bitter gentian and rhubarb spirit hails from Italy, but has been beloved of ski resorts across Europe for years. However, just because it's traditionally been enjoyed as a Winter warmer, that's no reason not to give Aperol Spritz a summer makeover - and Pembrokeshire Pinky Gin from our Eccentric Spirit Co range is just the bottle to complete the transformation! 

Just like the classic Aperol Spritz, this is a stirred cocktail that's incredibly easy to knock up when the need arises. It's also one to have on hand for a crowd - mix up the Pink gin, Aperol and Cranberry Juice in advance in a jug, in the necessary volumes and serve up, adding the prosecco and soda to serve.

Mix up your own Pinky Spritz

for 1 serve

Eccentric Pembrokeshire Pinky Gin - 25ml
Aperol - 25ml
Cranberry Juice - 25ml
Prosecco - 75ml
Soda Water - 25ml
Rosemary & Orange Garnish

Fill a wine glass with ice and pour in the Pink Gin, Aperol and Cranberry Juice and stir well.

Mix well with a barspoon.

Top up with the prosecco and soda water (or just use prosecco!).

Add a straw.

Garnish with orange slices and a rosemary sprig.