We're super-excited to share the news announced on Monday that Single Malt Welsh Whisky now has the protection of UK GI status. But what is a UK GI? and what will that mean for our own Welsh whisky?

What is the UK GI scheme?

The UK Geographical Indication ('GI') scheme replaced the EU scheme following the Brexit and the UK's withdrawal from the EU, and protects the name, authenticity and characteristics of products that make a successful application. Products which had already secured EU protection transferred to the new UK GI scheme, and applications can now be brought by new UK products looking for the protection offered by the GI scheme.

We worked with 3 other whisky-producing distilleries in Wales - Penderyn, Da Mhile and Coles - to define the characteristics that we felt, together, defined 'Single Malt Welsh Whisky'. Welsh water is a 'given' for Welsh whisky, as is malted barley. From there on, every step of the process must take place in Wales, including maturation and bottling. The UK GI recognises the role of the moderate Welsh climate in ensuring an even rate of maturation and a resulting smooth and refreshing flavour. 

The announcement has received a significant amount of coverage in the press, celebrating the work we've put in to achieve this landmark status. As a group, we're really proud to be able to highlight Single Malt Welsh Whisky for the quality product it is. Single Malt Welsh Whisky is the twentieth product to join the 'Welsh GI family' along with iconic products including Anglesey Sea Salt and Welsh Lamb. It's also the first UK spirit awarded GI protection under the new scheme.

distillery represetnatives holding the UK GI protection logo for single malt welsh whisky at the Royal Welsh Show

What does the UK Single Malt Welsh Whisky GI mean for our Welsh whisky?

Our Welsh whisky - when it's ready - will fall squarely within the UK GI protection.  We go above and beyond the requirements of the GI, malting our locally grown barley on site at the distillery - the only Welsh distillery to do so. We're also the only distillery currently producing Single Malt Welsh Whisky which  makes the commitment to use locally grown grain. Buying a bottle of our whisky will mean buying an authentically Welsh product which boasts certain protected characteristics, and has Ceredigion firmly in its heart.  

When our whisky is ready, each bottle will carry the sought after UK Geographic Indicator symbol with pride, guaranteeing the provenance and quality of our product. We can't wait!

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