As a growing Welsh distillery, still in its start up phase, one of the many things we’ve learned is that it can be hard to get noticed. The spirits space is a highly competitive one – not just the Welsh spirits space, but across the UK and globally. With so much competition, and so many excellent businesses out there, all doing their own things, it can feel hard to break through.

Being recognised by Techround as a successful business in the alcohol industry, making headway with innovative ideas, designs and concepts is something we’re really proud of. 

The Alcohol Companies to Watch in 2022 were chosen by TechRound’s internal team who considered a range of criteria. The team looked at the  company/startup’s ethos, background, motivation and product quality offered.
Izzy Murphy, Reporter at TechRound, commented:

It’s been absolutely amazing to learn about so many companies creating innovative products. The companies featured throughout the article have excellent ideas and have created really popular products, and it has been great to include companies which specialise in a variety of areas.

Our team at In the Welsh Wind have always been proud to tread our own path in distilling. We focus on the quality of the Welsh gin and Welsh whisky we produce and always seek innovative ways to achieve the results we are looking for. As the only distillery in Wales to be using 100% locally grown Welsh barley, malted in Wales, it’s great to be recognised for this achievement by commentators such as TechRound.

Commenting specifically on In the Welsh Wind, Izzy said:
We were delighted to be able to include In the Welsh Wind in TechRound’s Alcohol Companies to Watch in 2022! In the Welsh Wind’s products are award-winning and high quality, and it is fantastic to see how far they have come since founding their business in 2018!

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