The gins we craft at the distillery, both Welsh gins in our own In the Welsh Wind and Eccentric ranges, and for our custom branded spirits customers have won a number of awards - most recently, all 3 gins from the Eccentric range we entered into the Global Gin Masters won top awards Last year, our In the Welsh Wind Signature Style Gin, and Palo Cortado Cask-Aged Gin saw massive success at the Gin Masters, and Eccentric has done incredibly well at this year's Global Gin Masters 2022. But do Gin Awards make a difference?

Do gin awards make a difference?

For us, our customers' reactions to the gin we produce are always the best gauge for us as to whether we've hit the spot. Signature Style  featured as the Craft Gin Club's prestigious 'Gin of the Month' in April 2022, and the feedback we received from some of the 67,000 Craft Gin Clubbers who received a bottle in their monthly box was overwhelmingly positive. There's no bigger thrill either, than when visitors to the distillery try our gins and declare them delicious.

Despite this, there's no denying that we love an award, and yes, we do think that gin awards make a difference. While validation from our customers is our number 1 priority, to be judged by industry experts as making exceptional gin does have a value. It gives us as a small, craft distillery, the confidence to continue to do what we do - not always following the traditional path, taking risks, seeking innovation. It also speaks for the Welsh Spirits industry as a whole. The more top quality gins we make, the more recognition we receive as a Welsh distillery, the better it is for everyone in the Welsh Spirits industry of which we're proud to be part of.

Eccentric Gins win at Global Gin Masters 2022

So what awards did the Eccentric Gins win at the Global Gin Masters 2022? In the Old Tom category, our Young Tom - malty with distilled IPA from our friends at Bluestone Brewing Co, rich, 46% vol came away with a Master medal. This is the highest accolade the Global Gin Masters can award. In fact, only 2 gins were awarded a Master in this category this year. The judges noted that "...Eccentric Spirit Co demonstrated its Master qualities with Young Tom, which had notes of “lemon sherbet, anise and caraway finish”.

A bottle of Cardiff Dry Gin with a glass and citrus peels A bottle of Dewi Sant gin







In the Contemporary Gin category, our Cardiff Dry (citrussy, sharp, 40% vol) and Dewi Sant (herbaceous, fennel notes, 40% vol) gins both received Gold medals. The judges praising Dewi Sant's “confectionary liquorice on the nose”, and Cardiff Dry's “fresh pine in the back notes”.

We're exceptionally proud of the journey our Eccentric range has been on since we brought it into the In the Welsh Wind fold in March 2020 as COVID hit.  There's more to come too, so sign up for our newsletter or keep an eye on our Social Media @IntheWelshWind for updates.