Stripped back to brick, to rafters and beams; wires, conduit, outdated insulation all on show. What do you see? A building site? A shell? Dust and debris… a place waiting for a new personality.

Or do you see what we see?

Beyond the dust, the debris, the constant bonfire of the tired internals, we see the home of our distillery – and for our family. Stripped back to its bare bones, the Gogerddan is slowly coming out of its chrysalis, ready for In the Welsh Wind to stretch its wings and fly.

We see the space at Gogerddan opening up: space for distilling, for shooting the breeze; preparing for Meredith our 50 litre copper pot still to take up residence, welcoming Afanc, our new 200 litre still. Storage for bottles, for labels, for pallets.

A space for innovating and delighting. Space to welcome clients and customers – to share a kick ass coffee and brew up new adventures. Space to gather, to chat, to throw off the shackles of the day to day, to stay up late, to dance, to laugh, to simply enjoy.

A place to discover your gin – less gin school, more lab. A place to close the rule book of tradition and concentrate on flavour, to focus on botanicals and to create something special – and locking down formulae for many future bottles.

Over here there’ll be racking, our gins on display – over there our bar, ready to serve up a cocktail, an icy G&T spiked with an appropriate garnish, a craft beer, a coffee – and just over the horizon, one day In the Welsh Wind whisky.

Green all around us – we see gatherings where day flows seamlessly into night; where the community can join us and make memories – and where we can welcome visitors to our beloved Ceredigion with open arms. We see a path through the woods at Gogerddan, carefully curated yet still wild – woods that have been there for years, space to breathe, to clear your head when the world is rushing by, a space to be.

We can’t wait to share our new place In the Welsh Wind with you – it won’t be long now…