After the tearing down, the ripping out, the burning, the dumping, the purging; After the insulating, the concrete pouring, the refitting, the still moving, the furniture buying; We are excited to declare In the Welsh Wind open!

Primarily a working distillery, we are also proud to be an open door operation, pleased to welcome you from 9-5 Monday to Saturday. Have a nose around and chat to us as we work. In the Welsh Wind gin lab and gin tasting experiences are available to book in advance. As we settle properly in to the new building – our home as well as our business – we can see more clearly the possibilities that are open to us.

We now have a fresh distillery space for our gleaming copper pot stills.

Our latest addition to the still room is Afanc. A 200 litre beauty, gleaming proud: named after a fearsome monster from Welsh mythology, dweller of rivers, pools and lakes. When angered, these powerful supernatural beasts would cause the waters they lurked in to rise and flood. Tellers of tales recount that they had a penchant for killing – humans and animals alike.

Compared to Meredith, our original copper pot still, Afanc is a monster – his greater capacity allowing us to meet the increasing demand we have for our gins – but there the parallels must end!

One of the most exciting possibilities from declaring In the Welsh Wind open is the opportunity to recruit more staff. We’ve generated some publicity in local press and look forward to more to come. We are starting to think about a calendar of events, bringing music to the distillery. We’ll have opportunities to host community groups and events in our enticing grounds.

Saving best till last, we are now, finally, working on our own gin.

In the Welsh Wind gin will showcase everything we’ve learned since we began our distilling journey. We’re developing the flavour profile, drawing on the Welsh heritage of the distillery. We’re inspired by the wonderful landscape we live in.

Influenced by the shifting moods of sea and sky of West Wales, we’re also looking beyond West Wales – can you guess where that might take us?

Keep an eye on our social media feeds for more information – and sign up to our mailing list to make sure you receive our newsletters. Beautifully last minute, we’ve got our eye on the coming season (you know what we’re talking about).

There will be an opportunity to pre-order, to make sure you secure your bottle. The only decision will be whether to gift it, share with friends, or keep it for yourself. Perhaps you will find a quiet moment in all the madness after all!


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