Tailor your gin. An opportunity to select botanicals and enjoy a spirit uniquely created to suit your tastes, available from In the Welsh Wind Distillery online!

Gin making experiences have become very popular over the last few years. In the Welsh Wind Distillery was the first distillery in Wales to offer the opportunity to come to the distillery, to learn about gin, to select botanicals and run a still. We’ve loved welcoming people in and sharing our love of distillation, helping them to become the distiller and discover their gin. But times, they are a-changing.

With the ongoing COVID pandemic making it difficult for people to travel or to spend time indoors without taking significant precautions, the question presented itself in our minds – how could we offer the opportunity to become the distiller and discover your gin without visiting the distillery? The answer is – Tailor your gin. 






Tailor your gin online

When you tailor your gin online, you experience the thrill of selecting botanicals and deciding on a name for your gin as you would in a live gin making experience. We have carefully selected 6 ‘base’ recipes and offer a range of ‘hero botanicals’ that will define your gin’s profile and flavour. Think of a name for your gin (we’ll add it by hand to the label), and then all you have to do is decide whether you’d like just the bottle, or a presentation box, your bottle carefully presented alongside 2 In the Welsh Wind engraved Spey tasting tumblers.

Choosing a base recipe to Tailor Your Gin

We’ve been inviting people in to the distillery so that they can become the distiller for 2 years now, and we learnt that you like to have some guidance in the selection of your base recipe botanicals. We’ve carefully curated 6 base recipes developed from our own experiences running stills, and listening to what people have told us during gin making experiences.

Choose from

Clasurol – our classic base, featuring juniper, coriander, angelica, orris, pink peppercorn, sweet orange, licquorice root and cassia bark

Canoldir – our Mediterranean inspired base, featuring juniper, angelica, pink peppercorns, prickly pear, pomegranate seed, lemon ribbons, and mint

Blodyn Ysgaw – our Elderflower base features juniper, coriander, orris root, lemon ribbons, bilberries and, of course, elderflower

Rhosmari – full of herbal flavour, our rosemary base includes juniper, rosemary, lemon ribbons, cardamom pod, coriander seed, sweet orange, bitter orange and grapefruit

Te du – this black tea base includes juniper, angelica, pink peppercorn, Sri Lankan black tea, sunflower petals and bergamot

Oren a sinsir – our warming and fruity orange and ginger base includes juniper, coriander, liquorice root, angelica, orris root, cassia bark, cardamom, dried orange slices, ginger and darjeeling tea

Select your ‘hero’ botanicals

Heroes don’t just sweep in at the last minute on a white horse to save the day! When you tailor your gin, the hero botanicals you choose are an integral part of the distillation – going into the still along with your base recipe. During the course of distillation, the flavours from your chosen hero botanicals will shine through, defining your flavour profile and providing the bespoke flourish to your gin.

With your botanicals selected, all that remains is to tell us what you’re going to call your gin (so we can hand annotate a ‘Tailor Your Gin’ bottle label to identify your gin) and decide whether you want just a bottle, or whether you’d like to indulge in a presentation box, and receive 2 engraved In the Welsh Wind Spey tasting tumblers along with your gin. As with the botanicals, the choice is yours!

You can tailor your gin on our website – or purchase vouchers from our web shop to gift a ‘tailor your gin’ experience to a friend. You can buy them a voucher to tailor their own gin and receive just the bottle, or to receive the bottle in a gift box with 2 engraved tasting tumblers.