How to celebrate world cocktail shouldn’t be too difficult, right? With such a variety of alcohol and so many serves, surely there’s something to suit everyone?  Sometimes such a bewildering choice makes it more difficult to decide how to celebrate World Cocktail Day. We’re here to help!

Cucumber Southside with Cardiff Dry gin

World Cocktail Day falls on 13th May every year. We’ve brought together a selection of amazing gin cocktails for the occasion. These serves showcase our Signature Style and the gins from the Eccentric Spirits range. We have also whipped up one cheeky rum serve, for Eccentric’s Black Batch Rum.

How to celebrate World Cocktail Day with  Signature Style

We’ve brought you 3 cocktails showcasing our Signature Style gin over the past few weeks. These combinations should certainly help if you’re wondering how to celebrate World Cocktail Day.

Working with Owen, our friendly local mixologist, we have loved seeing the flavours of our award-winning Signature Style brought to the fore in these amazing serves. Depending on your commitments for the day, you could kick off with a Spiced Welsh Breakfast, relax with a Spiced Gin Mojito or enjoy the smooth richness of a Honey Gin Old Fashioned

Spiced Gin Mojito

Eccentric cocktails

We launched the Eccentric range of spirits in the run up to Christmas 2020. Relatively new to the market, we have been delighted that 3 of the gins have already won awards. The range includes cask-aged Limbeck, classic London Dry Madam Geneva, and Young Tom, our ‘eccentric’ take on an Old Tom gin.

The Eccentric range really lends itself to cocktails. The variety and flavours of the different botanical profiles means there really is something for everyone.

Here’s a round up of our favourite Eccentric serves.

The Grand Limbeck

The Grand Limbeck combines award-winning Limbeck cask-aged gin with Grand marnier, lemon juice, ginger syrup and orange bitters. Don’t forget the maraschino cherry and orange peel to garnish! 


The Cucumber Southside

A great serve for Cardiff Dry Gin, the Cucumber Southside combines the fresh citrus flavour of our new western style gin with lime, mint and cucumber.


Tom’s Strawberry Thyme

As we hit soft fruit season, the sweet maltiness of Young Tom is the perfect gin to pair with strawberries in this joyful serve. Find out how to make your own ‘Tom’s Strawberry Thyme


St David’s Garden/Gardd Dewi Sant

Although this was created for St David’s Day, the combination of elderflower syrup, cucumber and mint works a treat with our Dewi Sant any time of year. It’s especially good on a fresh summer’s day. Here’s how to knock up your own.


The Rhubarb Pinky Sour

Our Pembrokeshire Pinky pink gin really comes into her own in this serve, paired with lemon juice and rhubarb and vanilla syrup for that sharp but sweet tang. If you prefer, the Rhubarb Pinky Gin Fizz is a longer drink – but just as delicious!

The Violet Lady of Geneva

Perhaps a little more commitment to the mixology cause is required to serve up this signature serve for our classic London dry, the award-winning Madam Geneva, but isn’t she beautiful? Triple sec, lemon juice and butterfly pea syrup provide the magic balance.

Eccentric Plum Punch

Last but by no means least, Black Batch Rum gets the tropical treatment with fresh lime and pineapple juice and some spiced rum syrup in this rum punch cocktail. Garnish with mint for that island finish!


We hope this has given you plenty of inspiration with some ideas for how to celebrate World Cocktail Day. Why not join us on Facebook or Instagram to let us know your favourites?