Isn’t this fabulous? Our spin on the classic White Lady cocktail brings just the right touch of violet to your glass, and we love it. It’s one of the first cocktails we produced for our Eccentric range of spirits. It’s the perfect serve for our award-winning Madam Geneva dry gin.


Every range of gin needs a classic London dry. Dry from the method of production – in that nothing but water is added after distillation. For the Eccentric range, this is Madam Geneva.

As you’d expect, Madam Geneva is distinctly juniper forward. However, other botanicals, angelica, wild sunflower and a range of fresh citrus, add a crisp sharp tang. Along with our other Eccentric medal winners, Limbeck and Young Tom, Madam Geneva scored a success at the World Gin Awards 2021. Walking away with a bronze medal in the London Dry Gin category, we were delighted that she did well in a competitive category.

A touch of violet

Madam Geneva was one of the first of the Eccentric range that we launched in 2020. Her colour scheme brought a touch of violet to the distillery shelves. We love seeing that beautiful violet hue worked into this particular serve by our mixologist. The White Lady is one of the classics, but with clever use of butterfly pea flower syrup, we are proud to bring you the Violet Lady of Geneva.

The Violet Lady of Geneva

– Eccentric Madam Geneva London Dry Gin – 50 ml

– Triple Sec – 20 ml

– Fresh lemon juice – 25 ml

– Homemade Butterfly Pea Flower syrup – 20 ml

– 1 egg white

– Heather flower garnish


Add all the ingredients, less the heather flower, to your cocktail shaker.

Add one ice cube then shake to combine the ingredients and whip the egg.

Fill the shaker with more ice and shake to chill.

Double strain into a cocktail glass and garnish with heather flower.