Tom’s Strawberry Thyme is the name of this delightful serve for Young Tom gin from the Eccentric range. As an Old Tom cocktail, this is perfect as we move from Spring into Summer. Get your strawberries at the ready, along  with thoughts of balmy summer evenings ahead.

An Old Tom cocktail might not be something you’d immediately think of. However, the sweetness that this family of gins are known for makes them well worth a visit when you’re looking for cocktails.

Old Tom gins traditionally had sweetness added to them. One reason as to why this came about suggests that an old tom cat fell into one particular vat of gin. Another tends towards the story that pubs often had a plaque shaped like an ‘old tom’ cat on their outside wall. This plaque would indicate where a passer by could put a penny into a slot and receive some gin. The original contactless takeaway! Either way, it’s likely that the gin itself tasted pretty terrible, so sweetness was added.

Young Tom gin from the Eccentric Spirits range, is our take on an Old Tom. We can assure you that no tom cats went anywhere near it, either in the distilling or in the dispensing! Instead, we introduced an IPA wash, and then rested the gin for 6 weeks after distillation to allow the hero botanicals  – fennel, sunflower root and star anise – to shine through.

The Old Tom cocktail we’ve put together combines strawberries and thyme with the malty sweetness of the gin. Delicious!

Tom’s Strawberry Thyme Old Tom cocktail

– Eccentric Young Tom Gin – 50ml
– Elderflower Liqueur – 15ml
– Strawberries – 4 Chopped
– Lime Juice – 25ml
– Simple Syrup – 10ml
– Fresh Thyme – 1 Sprig
– Fresh Strawberry Garnish

Add the strawberries to a cocktails shaker and muddle.

Add the thyme sprig, then pour in the gin, liqueur, lime juice and syrup.

Add ice and shake.

Double strain into a glass filled with crushed ice and garnish with half a strawberry.