Independent Barrelling from
The Caskhouse

We get that whisky is something special, to be savoured, cherished even - but we also feel that it should be drunk and enjoyed, not just squirreled away.

Our independent barrelling offers you the unique opportunity not only to create a whisky that's ready to be enjoyed in 3 years, but to be intimately involved in the finished product.

How does Independent Barrelling work?

We've moved forward from the concept of independent bottling to bring you 'independent barrelling'. You choose from a range of New World new make spirits, and different, and interesting cask seasonings (assisted by a tasting pack if desired). Selections made, we will cask 30 litres of your chosen new make spirit in a cask seasoned to your choice and mature it here at the distillery for 3 years, when your whisky will be ready to enjoy.

Choose your Seasoning

We've brought together a selection of seasonings for your 30 litre cask. Covering a range from red wine to tequila, taking in sherry, port, rum and rye, we can talk you through the different influence these seasonings will have on the new make spirit you have chosen. If you're still not sure, we can offer you a tasting pack to give you a better idea of the final flavour profile of your whisky.