30L Welsh Origin Whisky Cask


A one off lump sum or pay monthly over 15 months to secure part of Welsh whisky history. We welcome the opportunity this gives groups of friends to join together to purchase a cask of Welsh whisky.

Your payment secures 30 litres of new make spirit from our inaugural distillation of grain to glass Welsh whisky, to be distilled in 2021.

We will mature it at the distillery for 3 years in a shaved, toasted and re-coopered 30 litre cask selected to complement the nature of our new make spirit.

You’ll receive a cask ownership certificate, and regular updates on how your whisky is doing, and access to offers relating to our whisky, any independent bottlings we may carry out, and other distillery products.

You will be able to sample during the maturation process, and, circumstance allowing, you can visit the distillery and check on your cask.

Bottling costs, duty and VAT become payable once the whisky is matured.

1,000 casks are available. It’s the perfect way to play a part in the future of Welsh whisky and the opportunity to own something truly special – a whisky produced entirely in Wales.

Secure yours today.

Want to know more? Read our terms and conditions & FAQs here or call us on 01239 872300. Monthly payment option available at the checkout!