Cask Matured Vinegars from Wales

Designed for culinary and cocktail use, our Welsh Cask Vinegar has been cask-matured in Welsh whisky casks.  Flavours of citrus peel, oatcakes and a gentle, moreish acidity bring complexity and depth of flavour to your dishes and drinks.

Our Welsh Cask Vinegar began as a mission to save 3,500litres of good Welsh beer from going to waste at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020.

Like many breweries, our friends at Bluestone Brewing Co in Newport were hit hard by the global pandemic in early 2020. As a small business, the loss of a market for 3,500 litres of their beer, almost overnight, was a huge blow. Discussions and research followed, and we realised that we could repurpose this great Welsh beer and create something new that would salvage something from the situation and stand as a testament to the resilience of both businesses in this most extraordinary of times.

Working with Bluestone, and with the support of new friends at Orkney Craft Vinegar Co, we set about cask maturing the beer along with a vinegar 'mother' to create Welsh Cask Vinegar. We sourced Welsh whisky casks from another Welsh distillery, and gave the liquid time to ferment and take on flavour, a glorious transformation quietly happening in the depths of the distillery's cellar.

Our first batch of Welsh Cask Vinegar is a beautiful thing. Lower in acidity than many vinegars, it offers gentle flavour ideal for culinary and for cocktail use.