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Developing a custom branded spirit is a labour of love for us here at In the Welsh Wind distillery. More than just white-label gin, we strive to create an individual spirit that represents your business, your brand, and tells the story you want it to tell. We delight in getting it right – to hear the excitement in our brand owners’ voices after they’ve tasted a sample, the look in their eye that says ‘we’ve done it’, and we pride ourselves on achieving that every time. And while the positive feedback from our brands and their customers is ultimately what we strive for, we can’t help but feel excited and proud when one of our custom branded spirits wins an award.

Signature Style & Palo Cortado Limited Edition

We've been delighted with the response we've had both to our Signature Style gin, and our Limited Edition Palo Cortado version. We were blown away to hear that Signature Style won a Gold medal in the Gin Masters 2021, and if that wasn't enough, that the Palo Cortado Limited Edition cask aged gin won a 'Master' award.

Tenby Dry Gin
Pembrokeshire Gin Co

Tenby Dry Gin, developed and distilled for the Pembrokshire Gin Co is our most decorated gin to date. Locally foraged rosemary and 4 citrus peels combine to deliver an easy drinking, light gin that has found favour nationally and internationally.
Awards for Tenby Dry Gin:

Gin Masters 2021 - Gold Medal; International Wine and Spirit Competition 2019 & 2020 – Bronze award; Gin Guide Awards 2020 – Best Gin in Wales; Great Taste 1 star Award 2020. World Gin Awards 2021 – Bronze award

Welshcake Gin and Tenby Navy Strength

Also for Pembrokeshire Gin Co, Welshcake Gin celebrates the tastes and flavours of Wales - warming spices and fruity notes of orange, currants, ginger, and cinnamon. We were delighted to hear that Welshcake Gin secured a Masters accolade in the Gin Masters 2020 in the flavoured gin category.

Tenby Navy Strength is a 57% version of Tenby Dry Gin.

Awards for Welshcake Gin: Gin Masters 2021: Gold medal; Gin Masters 2020
(Second tasting): Master
 award. World Gin Awards 2021 – Bronze award

Awards for Tenby Navy Strength: Gin Masters 2021 Gold

Morwyn Dry Gin, Welsh Sisters

Telling the tale of a powerful sea goddess who, legend says,
wreaked havoc in the Welsh coastal town of New Quay to claim her love, Morwyn Dry Gin brings together gorse flower, angelica root, sage and grapefruit.

Awards for Morwyn Dry Gin: World Gin Awards 2020 Best Contemporary Welsh Gin;
International Wine and Spirits Competition 2020 Gin and Tonic Silver award;
Great Taste 1 star award 2020

The Captain's Wife

Inspired by and celebrating the often-forgotten women who sailed the seas with their husbands in times gone by, The Captain’s Wife harnesses the trade routes that came to land in New Quay, West Wales, to bring a gin singing of lemon, fig and yerba mate tea.

Awards for Captain’s Wife: World Gin Awards 2020 Silver award; Contemporary Welsh Gin; International Wine and Spirits Awards 2020
Gin and Tonic Bronze award; Gin Guide Awards 2020 Finalist

Declaration Gin, Declaration Drinks Co

Celebrating a life in cricket, we worked with ex-England cricket
captain Michael Vaughan and his team to bring together ingredients for this gin. The botanical profile marks some of Michael's most memorable sporting moments: ginger from Australia, Darjeeling from India and liquorice root from Yorkshire.

Awards for Declaration Gin
Gin Masters 2021: Gold Medal

Great Taste 2 Star Award 2020

Tir & Môr

This citrus and thyme gin was created to capture the essence of the Pembrokeshire coast and countryside, and to marry well with the glorious seafood the seas offer up, this concept gin is a firm favourite, as welcome in the kitchen as it is on the bar.

Awards for Tir & Môr:

Gin Masters 2021 Silver Medal

Great Taste 1 Star Award 2020

Limbeck Cask-aged Gin

Limbeck cask-aged gin has been matured in a Burgundy cask which gives complexity to the flavour as well as a beautiful peach colour to the liquid. Along with the other gins in the Eccentric range, Limbeck moved to the In the Welsh Wind distillery in early 2020. Rebranded, it offers the drinker a gorgeously heady mix of blue ginger, citrus & tarragon, orange & orris.

Awards for Limbeck cask-aged gin:

Gin Masters 2021 - Silver Medal

World Gin Awards 2021 – Silver

International Spirits Challenge 2021 - Silver Medal

Gin Guide Awards 2021 - Highly Commended

Young Tom and Madam Geneva

Another gin from the Eccentric Spirits range, Young Tom is our take on an Old Tom sweetened gin. We use an IPA wash to introduce malty sweetness to this gin.

Madam Geneva is the ‘classic London dry’ of the range. Juniper forward, angelica, wild sunflower & a range of fresh citrus gives a crisp, sharp tang

Awards for Young Tom

Drinks Business & Spirits Business Spring tasting 2021 - Gold Medal

Gin Masters 2021 - Silver Medal

Awards for Madam Geneva

World Gin Awards 2021 – Bronze Medal