This is a unique opportunity to own 200L of the first fully Welsh whisky in over 100 years. For more details, please read through our FAQs and email or call the distillery for a chat with Bryn - 01239 872300.

We work with farmers local to the distillery here in south Ceredigion, Wales, to grow barley which we then malt on site. Rather than kiln-dry the malt, we mash in on green grain and then ferment and distill on the grain in our 5,000L still using water from our bore hole. Our Welsh Origin whisky not only meets the expected conditions for a single malt Welsh whisky, we go the extra mile to create a fully Welsh whisky. We believe that our Welsh Origin Whisky is the truest expression of a ‘Welsh whisky’ currently available.

More about our 200 Litre Welsh whisky casks

Your purchase of a 200L cask secures ownership of 200 litres of 'new make spirit', fresh from the still, full of flavour from the grain, from a specified distillation period (Spring, Autumn, Winter) in any given year.

Your liquid will be matured at the distillery for 5 years in a 200L cask. We have different cask types available, each at different price points, and we can discuss the available options in more detail before you place your order. Once purchased, you’ll receive a cask ownership certificate, membership of our Cask Owners Club, a monthly Cask Stories update by email, and have access to a special Cask Owners discount code which offers 20% off the In The Welsh Wind and Eccentric Spirits standard ranges (70cl bottles). We are also intending to hold exclusive Cask Owner events that you will be invited to throughout the maturation period of your cask.

We invite you to visit your cask and will have sampling available - please get in touch to let us know when you're in the area so that we can make sure your cask and sample is available.

Bottling & labelling costs, duty and VAT become payable once your whisky is ready to leave the distillery. Purchasing a cask of single malt Welsh Origin Whisky is the perfect way to play a part in the future of Welsh whisky and the opportunity to own something truly special – a whisky produced entirely in Wales.

Want to know more? Read our terms and conditions & FAQs, email, or call Bryn on 01239 872300.