Cardiff Dry Gin has really been one of the more popular gins in the Eccentric Spirits range. Since we launched the collection last year, we’ve noticed its popularity. It’s a citrussy gin which is always a winner – who doesn’t like a slice of juicy lemon or lime in their gin? The botanicals in the gin provides a great base for other flavours. Like all the gins in the Eccentric range, Cardiff Dry is perfect for cocktails.

This serve, the Cucumber Southside, has been created especially for Cardiff Dry. Our mixologist has paired the gin with refreshing lime, mint and cucumber. If it sounds a little like a mojito – well you wouldn’t be far wrong – but we love the idea of changing rum out for gin. It’s something we have done with our Signature Style gin in our Spiced Gin Mojito!

Cucumber Southside

– Eccentric Cardiff Dry Gin – 50ml

– Fresh Lime Juice – 25ml

– Fresh Mint – 6 Leaves

– Fresh Cucumber – 2 Slices

– Simple Syrup – 15ml

– soda water

– Cucumber & Mint Garnish

Muddle the cucumber and mint in the bottom of the cocktail shaker.

Add the Cardiff Dry Gin, lime juice and simple syrup with ice, and then shake all together.

Strain into an ice-filled highball glass.

Top up with soda water and garnish with cucumber and mint


An easy recipe for simple syrup 

Simple syrup is a staple of cocktails – it’s a way of bringing sweetness into a serve and key to the balancing exercise that we carry out every time we reach for the cocktail shaker. The good news is that it’s really straightforward to make a batch of simple syrup for your own drinks cabinet.

All you will need is 300g sugar and 150 ml water. Add both to a small pan, then heat gently and stir until the sugar is dissolved. Once the sugar is dissolved, remove from the heat and allow the syrup to cool. Bottle and store in the fridge.