Profiad Blasu Jin


Ymgollwch mewn profiad blasu jin yn nistyllfa In The Welsh Wind a darganfod llond byd o jin crefft.

Samplwch ddetholiad o wirodydd cain, o rai o ddistyllfeydd lleiaf Cymru, wedi'u dewis yn ofalus gennym i ehangu eich profiad jin.

Mwynhewch ddiod croeso, darganfyddwch dri jin Cymreig a thrafodwch eu nodweddion mewn man blasu, cerddoriaeth a bar rhyngweithiol sy'n cadw llawer mwy o gynigion gwirod crefft.

Mae pob un profiad blasu jin yn wahanol ac yn unigryw, oherwydd amrywiaeth ein detholiad arbennig o jin gwadd a jin ein distyllfa ni. A chynifer o wirodydd gwych a nodedig i roi cynnig arnynt, onid yw'n bryd i chi ddarganfod mwy?


Gin Tasting Experience


We look forward to welcoming you to the Distillery for your Gin Tasting Experience.

Your Distillery host will welcome you with a gin and tonic and introduce you to the distillery. Once you've settled in, we'll serve up your tasting flight of 3 gins, along with tonic, ice and a selection of garnishes. We'll also explain the art of tasting and hand over your tasting cards so that you can make notes while you're enjoying your drinks!

The experience includes a tour of the Distillery, and a 'reveal' or the gins you have been tasting. To round off the experience you can then enjoy a G&T of your choice - maybe you'll choose one you've already tasted, or maybe something different...

We have non-alcoholic tastings available for those who would prefer.

Once the tasting is complete, you are free to purchase more drinks from the bar until we close.

Whether you have a voucher or just want to book in for a treat, you can book in online.

We look forward to welcoming you to the distillery!

Visiting the Distillery

We're keen to keep everyone safe when they visit the Distillery.
With COVID still causing problems for some people, we ask that you don't visit
us if you are testing positive, even if you are asymptomatic or feel well. While it is not a requirement, please feel free to wear a mask.

Hand sanitiser is freely available for you to use.

Allergen Information

Please note that we do have some ingredients on site at the
Distillery at Tanygroes which are known allergens including cereals containing
gluten (barley, rye) and nuts (almond flour). If you are planning to visit but
think this may be an issue for you or a member of your party, please call in
advance (01239 872300) so we can ensure a safe visit if possible.