Mackmyra 8 yr old Single Malt - Independent Bottling


Mackmyra 8 yr old single malt whisky finished and independently bottled at 48% by In the Welsh Wind Distillery 

Our first independent bottling under the In the Welsh Wind label, this is something we're incredibly excited about - particularly as we've been able to add our own 'In the Welsh Wind' touch: a final flourish in a Banyuls fortified wine cask. The flavour profile sings of caramel slice, silver birch bark and pine tar, along with the sweet rich notes of Banyuls from the cask, unpeated and stitched together with a bergamot citrus finish

There are only a limited number of bottles from this release - buy yours now!

More about our Mackmyra Independent Bottling

Mackmyra is an innovative Swedish distillery that we feel a strong affinity with. Self-styled 'Explorers in Whisky', they share many of our ideals and maverick approach to spirits. When we were offered the opportunity to have a single cask of their 8 yr old single malt whisky, well it just wasn't something we could say 'no' to!

Continuing our exploration of how spirits that are themselves a 'happy accident' can lend flavour to our own liquids - as in our Palo Cortado cask-aged gin, we wanted to showcase the flavours offered by Banyuls - a sun-maderised red wine from the south west of France. Banyuls is itself matured for at least 10 months, leaving the cask oozing with colour and flavour. This independent bottling will sing with these prevailing notes from the cask, adding a sweet, rich touch to the whisky.